Shanet’s latest release is titled The Belly of a Woman. Her writing includes children’s picture books, poetry manuscripts, songs, essays, short stories and screen plays. She is the founder of GAB Publishing, a company whose goal is to inform, encourage, and uplift woman of all ages, by sharing true life lessons and experiences through literary and visual arts. Gracefully juggling the titles of mother, wife, author, and entrepreneur, this native of the Los Angeles area is working toward the luxury of being a full-time writer. She is an active member of IWWG (International Women’s Writers Guild as well as the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and is working together with Project Onyx (non-profit) to form creative arts programs for underprivileged youth. Shanet is currently completing Slow Down Baby Girl, a handbook for today’s preteen, encouraging the prevention of growing up too fast.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Inner Circle

I hear a lot of people talking about their inner circles these days.   This is a group of people that serves as a support system. These are people who can be trusted, who can hang out, and are allowed to giggle at the “inside” jokes.  When I was in junior high and high school they were called cliques. These days I hear them referred to as “Mains”.
Everyone has a desire to be a part of something—to be loved and to feel accepted by their peers. This is one of the primary reasons that social media is the machine that it is. Those that may have been burned, pushed away, or gone unnoticed now have a platform to present to the world in a way they see fit. Since they now have the ability to cast a bigger net they gain the approval they couldn’t find next door. When they find their approval ratings have gone down they can simply hit the “unfriend” button.
In the real world there is no unfriend button. Inner circles are getting smaller and smaller. People are getting their feelings hurt and concluding that they can only depend on themselves. They are throwing up the middle finger and singing “F” the world. This is not the way we are made up. We are meant to connect, and continue to do so in love!
I suggest we get away from this inner circle mentality and start expanding that circle as far and wide as humanly possible. Let’s choose to embrace others rather than ostracize them. Let’s choose to build people up rather than magnify their flaws as we are all flawed. Including others in the journey of life is the key to enjoying it. No man is an island unto himself. The bigger the circle the better!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Slow Down, Baby Girl!

Those who have read The Belly of Woman were able to journey with me in the triumphs, joys, and lessons that come with being a growing young woman getting to know self. It was truly a blessing to be able to share my story in such an honest and creative way. Many of you expressed how the book has helped you and allowed you to come to terms with key matters in your own lives. I can only give God the glory for that!
In my latest title there is a shift. The focus is now being placed on our young daughters, sisters, nieces, and mentees. Slow Down, Baby Girl: A Guide to Journaling is a tool that is needed in today’s society where broadcast and social media consumes the minds of our little girls. Sadly, it isn't just the little girls who are being consumed, but in some cases the parents are as well.

There is a problem when so many pre-adolescent girls think there is something wrong with the way they look, talk, act, or how their hair grows out of their heads. Many of the popular images they see on magazine covers and other media don’t look like what they see in the mirror, and this pressure to be a “universal” standard of perfect just adds to the physiological and cognitive changes that currently exist. This is not a new problem. However, we must get proactive about getting our girls to view themselves in a positive light and negate the mis-education about beauty, sisterhood, friendship, and career options that are being reinforced on a daily basis.

If you know one, two, or a group of young girls who can benefit from this tool pre-order your copies now at  Don’t forget to leave your contact information for the latest updates and upcoming events.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Easier Done Than Said!

Many things in life are easier said than done. It only takes a few seconds to state a goal or dream, but time, effort, sweat, and perseverance must follow in order for them to actualize. That being said, I feel there is an exception to this rule. Some of us have desires to grow, change, become better, or be different.  We talk about it with our mentors, our friends, and the pastor. Then post on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram in an effort to share, get feedback, or recruit others so that we don’t have to take the journey alone. The problem comes when the very people that we are sharing our excitement with reduces our efforts to some fly by night idea with their negative talk. Or, they may make a mockery of your self-improvement efforts with sarcasm, LOL’s and other acronyms. As much as we would like to believe that what others say have no effect on our lives—it does. We want to be pushed, congratulated, inspired, and encouraged. When we get the opposite, our spirits wane. We long to be in the comfort of those who aid in lifting us higher. Therefore, some things are easier done than said. Sometimes you can show them better than you can tell them. Don’t seek approval to be a better you. Just be better. Don’t seek a wing-man for your self-improvement efforts. Just improve. Those that care will recognize your effort because they see YOU—the real you! The onlookers can remain on the outside. They didn’t know what to do with you when you let them in. God’s glory will blind some folks when you emerge into something even more beautiful than you already are!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Protecting Our Young!

It is a natural instinct for most parents to protect their children. We want to make sure they make the right choices daily and for their futures.  When they are young, they want to be like us, do what we do, and say what we say. However, as they grow into adolescence there is a shift. They want to become who and what they want, and much of the time it’s the direct opposite of what we might desire to see.  Some parents get up in arms (like me) and run their blood pressure up trying to force children to follow the dreams they've set forth for them.  This creates struggle that is unnecessary and unhealthy for all involved. I’m learning to let things be. As long as they are not hurting themselves or others, maintaining a sense of moral, and keeping a God conscious, gentle guidance will have a greater affect than authoritarian parenting. Allowing them to have a little bit of breathing room can go a long way. I realize that God’s plan for my children is not my own. I need to trust that He knows exactly what He is doing! With that being said…I’m about to kick my feet up and give it Jesus!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Dream Chaser!

It's no surprise that media has created a society that is focused on money and how to get more of it. People aren't promoting happiness, contentment, or quality over quantity in life. It's rare to find someone chasing their dreams for the sake of the dream. Kids these days have a dream of making big money through mindless entertainment. My hope is to change at least one mind, show at least one young person that there is so much more to life. starts with just one!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

I'm sure we all have a multitude of things to be grateful for. The end of a year promotes reflection in areas where we would like to grow, change, or bask in our great accomplishments. As for me, I'm focusing on health, wellness, and happiness in 2013. I look forward to spending more time with family, friends, and nourishing new found relationships. I wasn't very good at that last year, but aren't we all works in progress? I I won't bore you with endless proverbs on this beautiful morning. I just wanted to send a little love to and encouragement. My wish is that everyone gets the opportunity this year to spend less time working, and more time living and loving!

God Bless,


Friday, July 13, 2012


As I sit here enjoying my quiet day working, I began to think about my writings. If you don't already know, I recently completed Slow Down, Baby Girl. This book is such a personal project for me. My eyes begin to well as I type this little note to you all. I have a great sense of joy in knowing that God has placed me in a position to publish material that will touch and change the life of even one individual. But, this particular project is for my babies. My baby girls! They are exposed to so much these days. This book is my way of reaching out, holding them close and tight, and whispering to them gently that it's okay to be a little girl. It's my way of showing them that even as a young girl they have the maturity to make positive decisions in their own lives; with guidance.